Our replacement shirt boards feature a 3/4" thick MDF board with a white melamine bonded coating on both top and bottom. 

These platens feature a routed neck pattern for ease of loading and unloading shirts. They will fit most all manual screen printing presses.  Your customer can replace their current warped or stripped shirt boards by simply unscrewing their platen bracket from the damaged shirt board, measure, and re-screw the bracket into the new platen.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

The platens are available in a variety of sizes. Standard sizes are shown below. We can make any custom size your customer may require.

Infant size 10" X 10" with neck pattern
Youth size
14" X 14" with neck pattern
Adult size 
16" X 16" available with or without neck pattern
   18" X 18" available with or without neck pattern
Sleeve / Leg Combo 
Dual Sleeve / Leg Combo

We also feature a 20" X 26" platen that will allow your customers to print 18 X 24 political signs, bumper stickers and other various flat stock projects on a standard manual screen press.

We do not carry platen brackets.

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