Saati HI-TEX mesh counts available on Roller Panels

86/100 White

110/80 White

110/80 Yellow

125/70 White

140/64 White

158/64 white

158/64 Yellow

180/55 White

196/55 White

196/55 Yellow

230/48 Yellow

255/40 Yellow

280/40 Yellow

305/34 Yellow

305/40 Yellow

​other mesh counts available upon request

Saati HI-DRO mesh counts available on Roller Panels

81/70 White

110/64 White

122/55 White

140/48 White

157/48 White

157/48 Yellow

196/48 White

198/40 Yellow

230/40 Yellow

305/31 Yellow

​​The Roller Panel was engineered to simplify the tedious process of installing new mesh to roller frames by "locking in" all of the necessary preparation work required to consistently produce evenly stretched frames. The locking strips are securely sewn into place using high quality polyester thread.

This process securely retains all of the alignment and specific measurements to achieve premium results, eliminating 60 percent of the time required to stretch mesh onto nearly every type of roller frame. That's right, the Roller Panel is not restricted to a single product line. The Panels are designed to be fully compatible with most brands of roller frames.